Track 4: Interaction, Narrative, and Storytelling


For this track we solicit papers describing approaches in digital storytelling - fiction and non-fiction - that address the challenges posed by the changes in information distribution and interaction between people, social networks, locations, and institutions. We are in particular interested in approaches that make use of data stores rich in narrative material, such as YouTube, Flickr, other semantic rich environments on the web, and digital libraries. We look for work that provides new insights in presentation challenges posed by technologies such as mobile phones or media tablets.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Techniques for interactive storytelling
  • Story generation and plot management engines
  • Interactive digital storytelling: theories, methods, and concepts
  • Experience design for interactive storytelling
  • Hyperdrama
  • Exploitation of blogs, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter and other media stores for storytelling
  • Novel narrative forms inspired by new technology
  • Storytelling and augmented reality
  • Collaborative environments for interactive storytelling
  • Interactive and pro-active authoring environments
  • Story generation and plot management engines for mobile environments
  • Interactive storytelling and gaming
  • Domain specific digital narrative applications, e.g. for historical research, in teaching and technical documentation
  • Hypertext: writing, design and engineering

Track Chairs

Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems, Inc. (USA)
Frank Nack, University of Amsterdam (NL)