Demos & Posters Session

List of accepted demos and posters

Paolo Massa and Federico Scrinzi
Manypedia: Comparing Language Points of View of Wikipedia Communities

Michaela Geierhos, Yeong Su Lee, Jörg Schuster, Despina Kobothanassi and Matthias Bargel
A Social Media Customer Service

Jonathan Foss and Alexandra Cristea
Two competing approaches in Authoring Adaptive Hypermedia: MOT versus GAT

Melanie Neunerdt, Bianka Trevisan, Rudolf Mathar, Eva-Maria Jakobs and Tomas Cury Teixeira
Ontology-based corpus generation for web comment analysis

Matthias Keller, Antoine Blanchard and Martin Nussbaumer
Decomposing the Web Graph: Towards Information Architecture Mining

Simon Rowberry
Pale Fire as a hypertextual network

Maria Soledad Pera and Yiu-Kai Ng
A Community Question-Answering Refinement System

Jacopo Farina, Riccardo Tasso and David Laniado
Assigning Wikipedia articles to macro-categories

Alexander Larcher, Eva Zangerle, Wolfgang Gassler and Günther Specht
Key Recommendations for Infoboxes in Wikipedia

Jon Iturrioz, Oscar Díaz and Iker Azpeitia
A tool for defining the semantics of prescriptive tags

Bram Vandeputte, Erik Duval and Joris Klerkx
Research at the Table

Stephan Wieschebrink
monadicDom4J: Architecture of a Real-Time Collaborative Hyperdocument System

Joshua Scotton, Craig Stewart and Alexandra Cristea
ADE: The Adaptive Display Environment for Adaptive Hypermedia

Charlie Hargood, David Millard and Mark Weal
The Thematic Illustrator: An Automatic Illustrative Approach to Enhancing Narrative Cohesion

Jessica Rubart and Frank Freykamp
Flexible Password Management Using Spatial Workspaces

Jacopo Farina, Riccardo Tasso and David Laniado
Automatically assigning Wikipedia articles to macro-categories

Till Nagel, Erik Duval and Frank Heidmann
Exploring the Geospatial Network of Scientific Collaboration on a Multitouch Tabletop (Demo Paper)

Pierre-Edouard Portier and Sylvie Calabretto
Towards a user-centered and dynamic construction of dimensional hypertexts' structures

Evgeny Knutov, Paul De Bra and Mykola Pechenizkiy
Adaptive Hypermedia Systems Extensive Analysis Approach

William Jones and Kenneth Anderson
Many Views, Many Modes, Many Tools... One Structure: How Do XooML-based Tools Work?